Thursday, October 22, 2009

Origins – Hear Voices

Equivocal, you will recall, combines aequus with vox, vocis, voice; and vox, vocis combines with fero, to bear or carry, to form vociferous, etymologically ‘carrying (much) voice ‘, hence loud, noisy, clamorous, as vociferous demands (not at all quiet or subtle), or the vociferous play of young children (‘please! Try to be quiet so Dad can get his work done!’), though unfortunately TV addiction has abnormally eliminated child noises.
If you are vocal, you express yourself readily and freely by voice; vocal sounds are voiced; vocal music is sung; and you know what your vocal cords are for.
To vocalize is to give voice to (‘vocalize your anger, don’t’’ hold it in!’), or to sing the vocals (or voice parts) of music . A vocalist is a singer.
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