Friday, October 16, 2009

The Last Hundred Years – Science

The great Changes in the world over the last century or so have brought a further flood of new words into English. Many of these are associated with new fields of human activity and knowledge.
Science: A large proportion of scientific coinings are based on greek word elements.
X . Medicine and Life Science: allergy, anaemia, anaesthetic, antitoxin, appendicitis, aspirin, bronchitis, carbohydrate, cholesterol, clinic, DNA, endocrine, enzyme, homeopathy, hormone, immunology, insulin, metabolism, natural selection, orthodontist, penicillin, protein, sclerosis, stethoscope, tonsilitis.
X . Psychology: egocentric, extrovert, inhibition, introvert, psychoanalysis.
X . Physics and Electronics: alternating current, are light, atomic energy, calorie, dynamo, electron, ion, quantum, radioactive, relativity, ultra violet.
X . Chemistry: benzine, biochemistry, creosote, cyanide, nitroglycerine, ozone, radium.
X . Space Science: astronaut, cosmonaut, countdown, launch pad, lunar module, moon shot, space shuttle, spacecraft, stratosphere.
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