Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Raise= (1) (farming) cultivate by growing plants, vegetables, animals etc. especially on a farm to sell as food: ‘We raise hogs here.’ (2) increase the level or amount of something: ‘She got a 15% raise.’ (3) cause to move upwards: ‘She raised her eyes from her book and stared at him.’

Grow= cause to grow or develop plants, flowers, vegetables, etc., in garden for pleasure: ‘This year I thought I’d try growing a few tomatoes.’

Raise sth (WITHOUT up) = take from a lower to a higher position: ‘If you want to ask a question, just raise your hand.’ ‘The age of retirement should be lowered, not raised.’

Raise (raising, raised) is a transitive verb: ‘They wouldn’t dare to raise taxes just before an election.’

Raise (rising, rose, risen) is intransitive: ‘The divorce rate has risen steadily over the last forty years.’ ‘Prices rose again last month.’

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