Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Under eye wrinkle

Causes of wrinkles under the eyes

The problem begins when our skin elasticity starts to weaken and it can no longer bounce back. Unfortunately as we grow older our collagen level comes down, which are needed to give the skin elastic quality. The result is more pronounced when lines and wrinkles develops around and under the eyes. Under eye pigmentation and wrinkle is rarely hereditary and associated with dieases like atopic dermatitis & melasma .


Apart from sleep, eyes are constantly active. Working on as a computer, watching the television, reading, playing sport which are all extremely demanding on the eye and skin and muscles that support it.

With this in mind, one should try to rest his/her eyes as often as possible. In a day long work at a computer , take a two-minute break every hour by closing eyes. This will give the muscles chance to relax, which in turn would help prevent wrinkles through intense muscle stimulation.

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